🔓Unlock the missions and win $MATIC #crypto #airdrop #freecrypto #freetoken


The first step to become an OG for OnePlanet on Polygon 💎
🔓Unlock the missions and win $MATIC https://wn.nr/KNbDsR

OnePlanet is landing on Polygon in the coming months and we will be holding a series of events to guide our community through the journey to Polygon.

The first mission will be to engage with OnePlanet through our social channels.

Spread words on our next moves and bring as many friends as possible to this exciting journey!

💡 How to Participate: https://wn.nr/KNbDsR
Complete all the entry missions below, and share the link with your friends for higher chances of winning!

🎁 Rewards:
20 $MATIC Airdrop x 500 Winners

💫 Event Period:
06/03/2022 ~ 06/30/2022 12:00 PM UTC

📢 Announcement of Winners:
06/30/2022 2:00 PM UTC

💌 Grant Period:
The airdrop will happen after we launch our marketplace on Polygon.

*The reward will be canceled if you undo any of the entry missions before the grant (Twitter Follow, Discord Join, etc. )


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