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Welcome to INOFi Aridrop Event👋 https://wn.nr/gZEDK6

Innovation Finance INOFi is based on blockchain
NFT based on financial assets such as stocks, bonds, and real estate
NFT 2.0 equity platform created for management and trading.

🔻Check out the detailed project introduction below🔻

💎General Rewards💎
💁‍♂️ Raffle for 1,000 users X 25 TRX

💎Referral Reward💎
🥇 1st Winner (1 person): $160 worthy of TRX
🥈 2nd Winner (1 person): $80 worthy of TRX
🥉 3rd Winner (1 person): $40 worthy of TRX


📌 Event Period: June 8th – June 29th, 2022 (GMT+9)
📌 Distribution: Within 21 days after the event is completed.

📣This Project📣
‘Innovation Finance’ INOFi is a NFT 2.0 equity platform created for blockchain
NFT-based management and transactions of financial assets such as
stocks, bonds, and real estate. NFT 2.0 is a first of its kind platform!
The INOFi platform is designed based on three principles
– To create valuable NFTs and make existing NFTs more valuable
– To use a token that has a solid business model suitable for any DEFI Protocols
– Providing a user-friendly interface and convenient platform
which can utilize NFT, DEFI, Usage of Token
Beyond the three principles, INOFi platform operates across four chains
which provide users multiple mainnets to trade seamlessly, without any transaction fees.


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📣프로젝트 소개📣 https://wn.nr/gZEDK6

‘Inovation Finance’ INOFi는 주식, 채권, 부동산 등
금융자산을 블록체인 NFT 기반으로 관리•거래를 위해 만들어진
세상에 없던 NFT2.0 지분화 플랫폼입니다.

INOFi 플랫폼은 기존 플랫폼 체계의 문제점을 해결하기 위해
세가지 이념을 기반으로 설계됐습니다.
1. 가치 있는 NFT 발행과 기존 발행된 NFT의 사용처를 생성
2. 확실한 비즈니스 모델을 보유하고 있는 FON Token을 활용하여 DeFi에 사용
3. 유저는 하나의 플랫폼내에서 NFT, DeFi, Token 등을 모두 활용할 수 있는

편의성 높은 플랫폼을 제공

INOFi 플랫폼은 4개의 체인을 순차적으로 제공할 예정이며
여러 메인넷을 활용하여 별도의 수수료 없이 자유롭게 거래가 가능합니다.



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