Has the owner been doxed?
Yes! Here is a YouTube link where you can watch the four videos that the owner Monk, has made so far.

How can I buy Baby Cake?
You can buy Baby Cake on Pancake Swap.
Here is a video explainer all about Baby Cake:
You will need to use a slippage fee of 15-20%. However, if you change the number at the end of the number of Baby Cake coins you will receive to 00, you can buy with a 1-2% slippage.

How many Baby Cake do I need to earn Cake rewards?
You need 200,000 Baby Cake. Don’t forget the 15% buy-in tax that goes towards Rewards, Marketing, etc and be sure to buy 15% more than 200,000 to reach the minimum. That means you need to purchase about 240,000.

Why aren’t I getting Cake rewards?
There are a couple of answers here.
1. Did you buy the right coin? There are a lot of scam copies out there. Check your contract number for Baby Cake. It should be 0xdB8D30b74bf098aF214e862C90E647bbB1fcC58c

2. Do you hold a small number of coins? If so, your Cake rewards are probably too small to send right now. There is no point in sending you $1 of rewards when the network fee is $1.50. The contract keeps all the rewards on a list. When your rewards are worth sending, they will be sent. You will not miss out. Note: You can visit our Dashboard at to claim your Rewards manually, but you will be responsible for the gas fee.

3. Volume might below right now, which means less Cake is generated. Again, when the number of Cake rewards is worth sending, they will be sent to you.

4. How can I see my rewards in my Wallet?
Add the Pancake contract number to your wallet. 0x0e09fabb73bd3ade0a17ecc321fd13a19e81ce82

How can I figure out how much money in Cake I will make?
There is a calculator for that! Find it at This calculator can show you the $ value of your Cake rewards based on the daily (24 hours) volume and the number of tokens you hold.
Here are the instructions on how to use it.

1. Click the link above.
2. Enter the Daily volume which you can find on our Dashboard (
3. Enter the number of tokens you hold.
NOTE: you MUST remove the commas from the numerical values.
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