BitBot Protocol (BBP)


Staking Now Live!

Bitbot is a protocol that democratizes the power of trading bots so anyone can access fractional reserves of their perspective returns. In order to interact with the protocol, users can purchase tokens that are staked as LP’s forever for the perspective bot of their choice. Once tokens are staked, they can never be removed creating a deflationary supply starting from 10,000 BBP tokens. The returns from the bots are shared with the token holders in Ethereum rewards.

Token holders can choose from bots powered by Stacked Invest or, for those with a little more sense of adventure, you can use our own proprietary bots.

More information about the service and the token sale is coming very soon. Please have a look through our website and don’t hesitate with any questions.

⚙️About Bitbot

⚙️3rd Party KYC
Our team has completed a third-party KYC with EmergeDefi

⚙️Liquidity lock

⚙️Create LPs for staking


We will be taking a policy for insurance with following the sale and Emerge Defi to cover the sale (1 million, 30 days) covering loss of funds stemming from a security breach, bugs, or issues with the contract.

We have been audited by You can find that audit on our website.



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