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Info about Calo Project:
You can equip yourself with an NFT and start the game by moving . By those daily activities, you can earn more tokens to use in games or even cash out easily.

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Okley Dokley Tech Hustler here, in today’s YouTube video we will review the calo app. With this new crypto app you can earn calo tokens for running. This app is very new and the official beta version does not drop until May 2022. This is a great opportunity to get in early on this new crypto app available for android and ios devices. The calo run app is a burn to earn app, very similar to the stepn gmt app. With the calo run app you earn calo tokens by running. You can sign up right now and start earning calo tokens by joining your first race. In the near future you will be able to purchase nft sneakers and rent them out to other users. This is a new genre of crypto earning apps I call burn to earn, or move to earn. This calo run app is very similar to the stepn app. With the stepn app you can earn gmt tokens by running. But the stepn app is hard to get activated since you need a special activation code and sneakers cost over one thousand dollars. The stepn app and the gmt token have exploded and the entry price for the gmt token is too high for me. That is why I like the calo app as an alternative to the stepn app. Easy to download, we are very early and a lower entry price for the calo token

Paying Apps And Websites Disclosure
*I am not a financial advisor, all my videos are for education purposes. This is what I do and I do not recommend anyone else do anything because they watched one of my YouTube videos.
Because these apps work for me does not mean they will for you. With most paying apps the are many variables to consider if the application is not working for you. First and foremost is the date. The date this app is filmed the application is working fine, but anything could happen in the future. The application could change it’s terms of service, stop paying or even disappear. You are never guaranteed to get paid. But as for now and the date of this video the app is working for me. Other than the date, your location, phone, phone service provider & more are to be considered if the app is not working for you. Now that we got that out the way. Happy Earnings!!! Peace

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