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Meme Cash Token (MCH)

$MemeCash is a Defi community project supported by Guinness World Book of Record “fastest cartoonist” Holder, Stefan Popa Popas. $MemeCash had no presale, with only 28,000 total supply and 35MCH distributed to over 600 $Meme holders. The team also holds a portion not more than 300 each. $MemeCash is currently listed on and some… Read More »

Shiba Inu Token (SHIB)

SHIBA Inu is a community project – we will not pay exchange listings and marketing efforts are voluntary from the community. Read this to understand our stance ➼ The only place to buy/sell SHIB and LEASH safely is on Uniswap. There are some centralized exchanges that have listed SHIB, but CEXs has a history… Read More »

Vesper Finance (VSP)

WELCOME TO VESPER! This rolls up all important information and milestones to-date. Keeping it updated. ==Resources== Website: Medium: Twitter: Discord: Documentation: YouTube: ==Analysis== DeFi Pulse: ==VSP Token Contract Address== [Disclaimer: This is *probably* the token contract address. If there is some problem before the February 17 launch… Read More »

FEG Token

Why FEG token? Just by buying FEG and holding it in your wallet your earn passive income from everyone doing any transaction on FEG…. 😀. Each transaction on FEG is taxed 2%, 1% is burned to a black hole the other 1% is distributed among the holders of Feg According to the amount that each… Read More »

BitBot Protocol (BBP)

Staking Now Live! Bitbot is a protocol that democratizes the power of trading bots so anyone can access fractional reserves of their perspective returns. In order to interact with the protocol, users can purchase tokens that are staked as LP’s forever for the perspective bot of their choice. Once tokens are staked, they can never… Read More »


CURRY is officially trading on Uniswap. There are evidently users which took the risk and bought in before our official announcement. During that time, CURRY shot up to #1 on Dextools. To clarify, the team still has 0 tokens and did not buy at launch. Below is all of the relevant information that you need… Read More »

Polka DOT (PDAO)

First community-governed DeFi platform on #Polka DOT 🔥🔥 Where to Buy PDAO Tokens? The PolDAO token sale is live. The sales started on January 4th and will end on January 8th The maximum supply is 1,000,000 PDAO with 500 ETH hard cap. Uniswap & CEX listings are expected in the coming weeks. Steps to Buy… Read More »

TRY Finance

Try finance has been being developed since 10/2020 and has more features than most other DEFI token’s on the market, here is a summary of built in features that TRY token offers: * We added a brand new feature never seen before in any DEFI token, a tx reward pool, 1% of all transactions are… Read More »

Sports Betting Marketplace (SBX)

STAKING IS LIVE! 50M SBX BURNT 🔥🔥Deposits open 🎊🎉 Start betting today. To start staking follow this. 1) Register 2) Deposit SBX 3) Go to Vault and select SBX pool 4) Minimum deposit is 50,000 SBX Swap distribution sent SBX 5:1 TDEX 1:1 Link : Dextool: Pair info: Liquidity… Read More »

Nirvana (VANA)

$VANA 🔥 An Autonomous Yield and Liquidity Generation Protocol. 6% Fee Each Tx 3% to Holders, 3% to Liquidity (Locked Forever!) NirVANA operates now completely ownerless as contract has been RENOUNCED making it 100% Unruggable! Tokenomics: Max supply 800K 🔥👈 Uniswap Supply 800K Dev cut + Marketing 0 Each transactions sends liquidity to the renounced… Read More »