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Sports Betting Marketplace (SBX)

STAKING IS LIVE! 50M SBX BURNT 🔥🔥Deposits open 🎊🎉 Start betting today. To start staking follow this. 1) Register 2) Deposit SBX 3) Go to Vault and select SBX pool 4) Minimum deposit is 50,000 SBX Swap distribution sent SBX 5:1 TDEX 1:1 Link : Dextool: Pair info: Liquidity… Read More »

Nirvana (VANA)

$VANA 🔥 An Autonomous Yield and Liquidity Generation Protocol. 6% Fee Each Tx 3% to Holders, 3% to Liquidity (Locked Forever!) NirVANA operates now completely ownerless as contract has been RENOUNCED making it 100% Unruggable! Tokenomics: Max supply 800K 🔥👈 Uniswap Supply 800K Dev cut + Marketing 0 Each transactions sends liquidity to the renounced… Read More »

Uniforth $UNIF

Welcome to Uniforth $UNIF if you just are joining us! We have a ton of news upcoming so stay tuned for our medium articles as we start to introduce elements to our full Elastic Exchange Index Ecosystem, and to keep up to date with all the incentives we have in store for our community. We… Read More » (3XT) is the first complete decentralized non-custodial leveraged tokens exchange built on ethereum powered by chainlink price oracle. It is the world’s first decentralized exchange to offer liquidation free USD and Coin leveraged tokens. Latest Token Stats: Total Supply: 426.40 3XT Circulating Supply: 226.40 3XT Weekly Project Update #1: Uniswap: Dextools: Liquidity… Read More »


🔥IGNITE🔥 Still less than 100 wallets No presale, No whitelist Fair launch – Dev has added own starting liquidity of 2 ETH Low liquidity – will ignite and moon HARD Holders rewarded with frictionless yield generation 3% back in wallets, depleting 3% supply AND a price increase incentive. 🔥IGNi-NOMICS🔥 Initial Listing Pool: 8,000,000 Early… Read More »

Union Capital (UnicV2)

🌍 Welcome to Union Capital 🌍 Union Capital seeks to disrupt the remittance industry by providing users with a user friendly application and reward system to be able to send money globally from any smart device or computer. No blockchain knowledge is required and users can avoid lines and waiting at the counter to easily… Read More »

Tornado Vault Finance (TCORE)

🌪 Tornado Vault Finance v1 (TCORE) 🌪 👉 Tornado Vault Finance is a Deflationary sustainable farming model and a fork of CORE. 20% TCORE liquidity on LGE is locked and earns TCORE from the TVAULT as interest from locked LP tokens. LGE Contributor will also receive not only LP token but also TCORE tokens proportional… Read More »