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Polkamon Token ($PMON)

Polkamon are beautifully animated digital collectibles with varying scarcities. Each one is backed by a truly unique #NFT & can be unpacked using our native $PMON tokens. Learn more in our first article: Welcome to the official community channel for Polkamon. Jointly incubated by Moonrock Capital and Morningstar Ventures What is Polkamon? Polkamon… Read More »

GoldFarm ($GOLD)

GoldFarm is a cross-chain DeFi FaaS protocol designed to bring utility to any token by turning it into an NFT farm with no code required on both BSC and ETH blockchains. With an innovative suite of visual tools, any project can deploy the world’s most exciting new farm with custom rules that incentivize the behaviors… Read More »


MoonDAO is a Reflect + Auto Liquidity based tokenomics on Binance Smart chain which aims to be more deflationary while enabling PUMPANOMICS!! The MOONDAO ecosystem consists of four main functions : 🥞MNDAO – 3% Transaction fee applied and distributed to holders automatically. 💸MNDAO -3% redistributed to Liquidity Pool automatically. 🚜Yield farming partnership with FlourMix 🗽NFT… Read More »

Meme Cash Token (MCH)

$MemeCash is a Defi community project supported by Guinness World Book of Record “fastest cartoonist” Holder, Stefan Popa Popas. $MemeCash had no presale, with only 28,000 total supply and 35MCH distributed to over 600 $Meme holders. The team also holds a portion not more than 300 each. $MemeCash is currently listed on and some… Read More »