Consensus 2022 ALPHA | ETH Contagion, ETH Price Predication | Cryptocurrency News


Consensus 2022 ALPHA | ETH Contagion, ETH Price Predication | Market Update


0:00-0:34 – Token Metrics Intro
0:34-1:34 – Market Update Intro
1:34-3:27 – Is the bad news priced in and is this the beginning of the end of the legacy system?
3:27-4:06 – Crypto hedge funds may get liquidated
4:06-4:35 – Bullish argument for crypto
4:35-5:48 – Human Reconnaissance Team
5:48-7:02 – Bill has found a consensus
7:02-8:08 – You get so caught up in charts that you are missing the message that everyone is telling you
8:08-9:13 – No one is interested in the market
9:13-9:59 – Is some of that money gonna wind up in high-quality cryptos?
10:04-10:58 – Market Update: The Case to Mellow Out
10:58-11:41 – Japanese currency $Yen daily chart
11:41-12:48 – ETH Weekly chart $1,700 support
12:48-13:31 – ETH Daily DeMark 13 bottom signal
13:31-14:02 – Bitcoin weekly DeMark 9 bottom signal
13:59-15:25 – Is Bitcoin safe or is there going to be a rally to get out of certain positions or get short?
15:25-16:02 – Bitcoin DeMark Elliot Wave chart
16:02-16:42 – The otherside view of the future outlook of Bitcoin
16:42-17:33 – Bill! I need you to tell me what to do!
17:33-17:54 – Cardano bounce of support at $0.50 chart
17:54-18:39 – Zcash DeMark 9 bottom chart
18:39-19:04 – Signal for the bulls or signal for the bears?
19:04-19:26 – ETH AI support levels $1,752
19:26-20:06 – Market Update Conclusion
20:06-20:26 – Tough to pound the table on the view of crypto
20:26-20:48 – Don’t get dogmatic
20:52-21:53 – Breaking news: Liquid staking firms could default on ETH obligations if merge doesn’t happen
21:53-22:54 – Certain stablecoins have ETH as collateral
22:54-24:37 – Token Metrics Markets Page
24:37-26:33 – Token Metrics Historical Volatility
26:33-27:35 – Token Metrics Market Movers
27:35-29:13 – Market Update Wrap Up
29:13-30:18 – Is the future of crypto now?
30:18-30:45 – Token Metrics Outro


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