Bitcoin Fixes Gains Why BTC Remains Attractive Around $54K
The bitcoin price began a steady rise and tested the $56,500 zone against the U.S. dollar.

After a clear break above the $53,200 resistance, bitcoin continued its rise. BTC broke through the $55,000 resistance level and settled safely above the 100-hour simple moving average.

New Zealand wealth management firm invests 5% of its pension funds in Bitcoin
A New Zealand fund management firm, NZ Funds wealth management firm, has invested 5% of its Growth KiwiSaver Scheme fund in Bitcoin.

The Growth KiwiSaver Scheme fund, which had $244 million in assets at the end of December 2020, began investing in Bitcoin last October.
Many fund managers from the firm’s other investment schemes were unhappy with the company’s decision, arguing that Bitcoin had few use cases and was too volatile at the moment.

The U.S. needs to mine more Bitcoin for national security reasons, Miami mayor says
The mayor of Miami said the U.S. needs to mine more bitcoin for national security reasons because 90% of the activity takes place outside the country.

Speaking to cryptocurrency reporter Laura Sheen, the mayor said that the topic of environmental degradation has come to the forefront as more mining is done outside the country. He noted that countries that account for most of the mining industry are using dirty energy, and the U.S. holds the key to turning that narrative around.

Bitcoin miners have earned more than $1.5 billion so far in March.
Data compiled by The Block Research shows that miners have earned more than $1.5 billion.

This figure represents the largest income earned by the mining sector in a given month. With a few days left in March, the final figure will exceed the current figure of $1.51 billion.

Hashrate Ethereum reaches new ATH fueling ETH price recovery
Ethereum’s Hash Rate just hit a record high, according to on-chain data analytics provider Glass node.

The increase in hashrate appears to help measure the health of the network, as the higher this rate, the more miners would be needed to launch a 51% attack on the system, which is highly unlikely.
Amid the growing clamor for alternatives to Ethereum, the growing hashrate is an anchor for core believers in the network.

The Securities and Exchange Commission requires XRP holders to cash in their tokens when they make a profit.
The SEC says XRP holders want to intervene in the Ripple lawsuit to “restore speculative trading.”

In a March 26 letter to Federal Judge Analise Torres, Jorge Tenreiro, a senior attorney with the Securities and Exchange Commission, urges the court not to allow XRP holders to interfere with Ripple.
Tenreiro argues that John Deaton, who filed a pre-session letter last week on behalf of 10,000 XRP holders, is primarily motivated by the potential sale of tokens to other investors at a profit:

The bitcoin market cap surpassed $1 billion eight years ago.
Bitcoin joined the billion-dollar club eight years ago, thriving on the Cyprus crisis.

Exactly eight years ago, on March 28, Bitcoin broke the $1 billion mark for the first time.
The top cryptocurrency traded at just $92 on the now-defunct Mt. Gox exchange before soaring more than 190 percent to $259 on April 10, 2013.
The cryptocurrency surge was triggered by the banking crisis in Cyprus, which made more people realize the importance of controlling their money.

Cardano is on the cusp of a milestone, will the ACA make a big move?
Following the Cardano 360 event, platform developer Input Output Hong Kong released a summary of the key points.

Scheduled for March 31, the Cardano developer announced that on that day they will hand over full control of blockchain production to community share pool operators. Thus, the D-parameter, the metric that measures Cardano’s decentralization, will be reduced to 0. IOHK.

Governments welcome investment in Bitcoin, NYDIG CEO
Robert Gutman, said governments are considering investing in Bitcoin.

In an interview with Raul Pal, founder, and CEO of Real Vision, Gutman revealed that government investment funds are making inquiries about buying the leading cryptocurrency.
In the same interview, former hedge fund manager and founder of media company Real Vision, Raul Pal, revealed that the Singapore Exchange and state investment firm Temasek Holdings are acquiring Bitcoin. Pal said Temasek Holdings is buying pristine Bitcoin from miners pristine Bitcoin tokens that have never been used for any transactions.



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