CURRY is officially trading on Uniswap. There are evidently users which took the risk and bought in before our official announcement. During that time, CURRY shot up to #1 on Dextools.

To clarify, the team still has 0 tokens and did not buy at launch.

Below is all of the relevant information that you need below:

Curry Token Contract Final – 0xc2D3AE29c8309c14994D02Ecd228cf86f3Efde77

Curry Static Staking Contract Address – 0x7c9d9cC32Fb8Ba33138F609E3a8545D1BdCf62fc

Curry Chef Address – 0x363C553a75EA22916343d5420E4B41A1D5ccB0F2

Liquidity Pool Token Address – 0x74b745eC3a087a3B9a82EB9594E747B4FA0DB11A


Farming will begin from block – 11662258 Estimated Start time:

Estimated Start time may vary depending on how quickly/slowly the blocks are mined on the ethereum blockchain, please use the etherscan counter above for the accurate time):

Initial start time: Fri Jan 15 2021 19:30:02 UTC

First 50,000 Blocks have the 2x reward Bonus Start time Block – 11662258 Bonus Block time Ends: 11712258 There will be an initial reward of 100 CURRY per block Launching Pairs — Addresses CURRY/ETH(3x)- 0x74b745eC3a087a3B9a82EB9594E747B4FA0DB11A
USDC/ETH (1x) – 0xb4e16d0168e52d35cacd2c6185b44281ec28c9dc
LINK/ETH (2x) – 0xa2107fa5b38d9bbd2c461d6edf11b11a50f6b974
WISE/ETH (2x)- 0x21b8065d10f73ee2e260e5b47d3344d3ced7596e
YFI/ ETH (1x)- 0x2fdbadf3c4d5a8666bc06645b8358ab803996e28 Token Addresses USDC Token Address – 0xa0b86991c6218b36c1d19d4a2e9eb0ce3606eb48
LINK Address – 0x514910771af9ca656af840dff83e8264ecf986ca
Wise Address – 0x66a0f676479cee1d7373f3dc2e2952778bff5bd6
YFI Token Address – 0x0bc529c00c6401aef6d220be8c6ea1667f6ad93e 4. Uniswap ETH-CURRY ADDRESS


We shall be locking the liquidity before we reach block 11662258 (before the start of the farming begins), this is being done at the request of the development team, in order to ensure all functions on the contract are working in live order. If you have any concerns, about purchasing prior to the liquidity locking event, we advise to purchase only after we provide the liquidity locking confirmation Transaction ID, which will be posted here and on the velvet list.


Bonus Period has been reduced from the first 100k blocks at 300 token reward to the first 50,000 blocks at a 200 token per block reward, after the bonus period is over , the rewards will be 100 tokens per blocks. AUDITS 🧬🔒

The final audit from Hacken can be found below.

We want to thank everyone for participating in the network and motivate everyone to hold their CURRY in anticipation for the farming event & auction lobby! Upwards from here 🚀


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