FREE CRYPTO Airdrop (Materium) GALA GAMES – Mirandus GAMEPLAY Playtest #2 – Goblins + Gala CHADS


What is GALA and GALA GAMES?

Video guide on how to buy an exemplar and get the FREE Materium:

NOTE to get FREE Materium.

1.) Create a Gala Games account.

Referral code: 6018d5c8026a7609834c8cda

2.) Navigate to Games Tab, go to Mirandus (download)

3.) Get an Exemplar from Gala Games Store:
Or Opensea (make sure they are a verified seller!!):

4.) Kill 1 Goblin, get FREE Materium dropped to your Gala Games account! May take days-weeks to drop, but they reward alpha-beta testing, regularly!

Podcast-y walkthrough of the 2nd Playtest of Mirandus and thoughts on P2E and Blockchain Gaming!



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