Free money in DexIRA { AIRDROP 500$ } DexFinance


🚀Claim $500 in DexIRA (DEX) –
Airdrop is part of our marketing strategies to promote our token to the public.
🎁Each active community member can claim $500 in DexIRA (DEX)

Note that USDEX actively pegs via the algorithm, it does not mean it will be valued at 1 USDC at all times.

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dexSHARES are one of the ways to measure the value of the Money Markets Protocol and shareholder trust in its ability to maintain USDEX close to peg. dexSHARE holders have voting rights (governance) on proposals to improve the protocol and future use cases within the Money Market protocol.

Informations provided in this video does not constitute investment advice, financial advice, trading advice, or any other sort of advice.
Do your own research (DYOR) and consult your financial advisor before making any investment decisions.

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