GoldFarm ($GOLD)


GoldFarm is a cross-chain DeFi FaaS protocol designed to bring utility to any token by turning it into an NFT farm with no code required on both BSC and ETH blockchains. With an innovative suite of visual tools, any project can deploy the world’s most exciting new farm with custom rules that incentivize the behaviors they value most. It’s easy to reward liquidity providers, incentivize longer stakes or even provide special access to your project’s services through farming assets or even NFTs with utility.

GoldFarm provides a bridge between two explosive crypto ecosystems and the gaming industry. NFTs from GoldFarm and Official Partner Farms will gain utility within real AAA video games, in this ecosystem, NFTs are no longer just pixels on a screen, but hold the power to unlock unique digital experiences.

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1,000,000 $GOLD tokens will be minted and split between BSC and ETH blockchains.
1,000,000 $GOLD will be the max supply and the initial circulating supply will be 900,000 $GOLD.
ETH Summary: 500,000 $GOLD tokens
Listing price: 450,000 $GOLD / 5 ETH
Official $GOLD token ETH contract address:

BSC Summary: 500,000 $GOLD tokens
Listing price: 450,000 $GOLD / 40 wBNB
Official $GOLD token BSC contract address:



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