How to get FREE Crypto | Airdrops | ASK Permission transfer to your Metamask Wallet & Tips


In this video, i will explain what is Crypto Airdrop, it’s one way to earn crypto for FREE, Moreover, i will go through one project called Permission where i will also show you how to transfer your ASK (The crypto of Permission) to an external wallet.
Note I haven’t transferred yet and they said that some 3rd party wallets might not accept it so i would suggest you test with a small amount first before transferring all the amount.
You will be able to earn 300+ ASK Crypto on this video tutorial.

NOTE ⚠️⚠️⚠️ ASK ( has a limit of 25,000 ASK in order to transfer to an external wallet, so really I’m not that impressed! Sure you can earn them by watching ads and doing the tasks they ask you, however it’s up to you if you have time to do that, you can also use their crypto to buy merchandise.

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