KBW EthSoul airdrop $ NEXT – The Internet of Ethereum ETH – crosschain bridge – Rahul Sethuram, CTO


Connext – the Internet of Ethereum. Connext powers fast, secure bridgingbetween blockchains and rollups for composable, trust minimized value.

At Connext believes in the power of decentralized networks to transform finance and put value back into the hands of individuals. This becomes possible when everyday users can exchange value effortlessly between disparate cryptosystems.
Connext is set to become the solution for fully generalized communication across L2s and other chains. Users don’t need to realize what chain they are using, enabling a true, multichain World.”

Rahul’s twitter: https://twitter.com/rhlsthrm
Twitter: https://twitter.com/connextnetwork
Website: https://www.connext.network/about

Anna’s insta: https://www.instagram.com/an_t73/
Anna’s twitter: https://twitter.com/anna_tutova

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