Meme Cash Token (MCH)


$MemeCash is a Defi community project supported by Guinness World Book of Record “fastest cartoonist” Holder, Stefan Popa Popas. $MemeCash had no presale, with only 28,000 total supply and 35MCH distributed to over 600 $Meme holders. The team also holds a portion not more than 300 each.

$MemeCash is currently listed on and some of our NFTs produced by Stefan Popa Popas are ready to be minted. These NFTs can only be minted with $MemeGold gotten from farming $MCH on our website Stefan’s latest tweet:

Recent tweet:

You can discuss $MemeCash here:

$MemeCash collection on

$MemeCash Contract =

$MemeGold Contract =

Farming Contract =

Uniwasp trade link:

Recent shootout!


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