Ripple CTO, Crypto Giants Unite To Protect Small Youtuber From Lawsuit


Ben Armstrong, a crypto influencer also known as BitBoy, filed a lawsuit against a small YouTuber named atozy. Atozy made a YouTube video calling out Brian over allegedly scamming his audience

Atozy took to Twitter to explain how he made a video calling out Ben Armstrong’s support for a project called PAMP. He also linked a CNBC article that highlights how Armstrong made over $30,000 for a single promotion. The article also reveals that Armstrong felt sorry for the losses of his followers. 

Atozy took to Twitter to ask for help to defend himself against expensive charges. Fortunately for him, the crypto community united behind him.

Crypto Youtuber Receives Support Against Lawsuit

Atozy received strong support from many goliaths in the crypto industry. Armstrong posted on Twitter that we will not allow people to get away with making false claims. However, Ripple CTO David Schwartz responded with a tweet of his own and asked Armstrong to provide any specific lie. 

He also took a dig at Armstrong over the legalities of the case. According to him, no competent lawyer would allow statements, which are opinions, to become the smoking gun of a defamation lawsuit. 

Moreover, Cobie another crypto influencer, donated around $100K to help atozy cover all his legal expenses. 

Armstrong however reveals that he is dropping the lawsuit against Atozy as it was never his intention to make this fight public. This is not the first time when Armstrong finds himself in the cross-hair of the crypto community. Recently he was heavily criticized for opining that Coinbase is about to be insolvent after closing its partnership program. 

Atozy Intends To Refund The Crowdfunding

Atozy reveals that he received around $200K worth of support through crowdfunding. However, since BitBoy is dropping the lawsuit, he intends to return the amount. Cobie, however, has asked Atozy to use some of his donated $100K to pay for the gas fees.

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