SEC Chair Pushing Aside Fellow Regulators Over Crypto Regulations?


Stuart Alderoty, General Counsel at Ripple came forward to reply to the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission’s (SEC) recently published blog over crypto markets. SEC Chair mentioned that they treat digital assets just like the rest of the Capital Markets.

SEC Chair stepping over other watchdogs?

Ripple’s General Counsel stated that Gary Gensler, SEC Chair’s main objective is to shield their turf at the expense of the American crypto economy. These actions have left the investors and consumers holding the bag.

Alderoty highlighted that Gensler has chosen the SEC as the cop watching over the crypto space. He blamed the SEC chair managed to push aside the other regulators from this space. However, they are also neglecting US President Biden’s executive order.

As per the released executive order, all the directed agencies need to collaborate to set up a clear regulatory framework for the crypto space. Ripple Counsel mentioned that SEC Chair asserts that whether the car runs electricity or gas, it still needs a seat belt.

However, Alderoty counter’s that electric cars don’t need gas. While in the SEC Chair analogy the commission is selling the gas. They intend to punish whoever ignores to buy it.

Watchdog creating a mess in crypto space?

The counsel added that the commission’s shakedown of BlockFi created a mess in the market. These actions led BlockFi towards the auction block. However, the similar two businesses companies went through the same process.

In these kinds of scenarios, consumers were left unprotected. The market needs clarity over digital assets. The SEC Chair is swinging its billy club in order to protect its turf, added Ripple Counsel.

However, XRP’s amici lawyer in SEC vs Ripple lawsuit commented on the newsletter. He said in the extract of Gensler that the SEC offers to provide protection to consumers. It is the same as Tesla offering gas for their cars.

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