Shiba Inu Coin update | WazirX banned ?| Cryptocurrency news today| Crypto News #core #cryptomining


Shiba Inu Coin News Today |WazirX Big Update | WazirX Ban ? | Cryptocurrency News Today| Crypto news
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Welcome Guys,
Today we will talk about India’s largest cryptocurrency exchange, WazirX is here to share all the latest updates with you. With over 325,000+ users and over 1.5 million orders executed, we are India’s fastest growing crypto exchange.

WazirX announces a major update. The WazirX team will be blocking their service in India. WazirX gets ED freeze of 64 crores worth of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Quick Update of Shiba Inu Coin, Lovely Inu Coin,BabyDoge Coin.
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