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Ape.cash V2

Ape.cash V2

Ape.cash V1 is over, Ape.cash V2 is about to begin. We’ve learned from the tokenomics issues we had in our first iteration, and are coming back stronger for Ape.cash V2.

– Max supply: 1,000,000 APEv2
– Min supply: 100,000 APEv2
– Presale: 150 ETH
Min: 0.1 ETH
Max: 1.5 ETH
– Presale price: 2500 APEv2/ETH
– Uniswap Listing price: 2000 APEv2/ETH

On our first iteration, pools were to launch after 24 hours of the token launch. We believe it will be advantageous in this instance to launch the token and the first pool simultaneously. The first Ape.cash liquidity pool (deposit APE, earn APE) will be open at the time of token launch. More pools will become available in the days after the launch.

Airdrop for Ape.cash V1 holders:
A snapshot of the state of Ape.cash holders was taken at block 11350390. If you held Ape.cash at this block, you will be part of the airdrop. If you were providing liquidity, you will also be compensated. The airdrop for Ape.cash V1 holders will be in the form of a 10:1 replacement of tokens (supply for v2 is ~10x v1) , vested over a period of time to prevent dumping. 10% of airdropped tokens will accrue every 4 days. We are aware that this may anger some, however in order to prevent dumps after the immediate launch of the token, this measure is a necessity. In order to compensate holders for the fact that they cannot claim all their tokens at once, vesting tokens will accrue interest at the same rate as Ape.cash liquidity pools.