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Base Protocol


BASE launched on Uniswap on November 30th at 8:00 PM CST with a ~$750k market cap. In less than a week, BASE reached an all-time high $80M market cap and achieved a high of over $100M in 24hr trading volume. Base Protocol has consistently held the #1 spot for Uniswap trading volume — at one point holding 7x more volume than the next most traded non-stable coin.

We would like to thank this lively BASE community for the continued support, as well as our partners who have been integral in helping Base Protocol achieve this successful launch — DuckDAO, Alphabit, Master Ventures, Beyond Enterprises, Chainlink, and more.


Achieved 100x market capitalization growth across 6 days.

Reached more than $100M 24hr trading volume on Uniswap.

Two centralized exchanges independently listed BASE.
Release of BASE Cascade 1.1.

Youtube AMA with Chainlink on December 15th.

Development Plans

BASE Dashboard 1.1 — adding a historical rebase data section.

BASE Cascade 1.2 — interface updates, including multiplier visualization.

Cheers everyone, and BASE up ❤️🚀