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Polka DOT (PDAO)

First community-governed DeFi platform on #Polka DOT 🔥🔥

Where to Buy PDAO Tokens?

The PolDAO token sale is live. The sales started on January 4th and will end on January 8th
The maximum supply is 1,000,000 PDAO with 500 ETH hard cap.

Uniswap & CEX listings are expected in the coming weeks.

Steps to Buy PDAO Tokens

For Metamask Users

1: Click on Your MetaMask Extension and connect your MetaMask wallet with this web page
2: Enter the amount of ETH you want to invest, then click “BUY POL DΛO” Tab and confirm on MetaMask.

For Trust Wallet & MEW wallet users

1: Send ETH to the POL DΛO Presale contract address “0xdc00fee6cf187874e029848E2184742a5fDdBA1F”  from non-custody wallet (MEW, Trust wallet, Metamask). Do not send from an exchange

Token PDAO will be distribute after Pre-sale End.

Pre-sale link: https://poldao.com/presale/

Take.finance (TAKE)

Take.finance is a decentralized peer to peer lending platform provides the new reward distribution model whereby TAKE token will always have a higher value. Users can supply any supported assets and use these supplied assets as collateral to borrow any other supported assets. TAKE is a community-governed DeFi platform focusing on Staking, Lending, and Governance.

🎟 Uniswap initial price: 0,01 ETH
⚠️ Initial Liquidity: 700 ETH and 70,000 TAKE
🔓 Liquidity locked for 1 month
🦄 Uniswap listing: right after the closing of the Bonding curvesale
💸 Unsold tokens: burnt

🚀 Hard cap: 200k TAKE | 1,000 ETH
⏳ How long: 7 days or when the hard cap will be reached
⚖️ Min & Max allocation per wallet: No minimum, no maximum

📕Contract Audit report by Bramah Systems

🔗TAKE token : 0x86389efb27908a8724444b17f5056767a9a15d1a


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