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FEG Token

Why FEG token? Just by buying FEG and holding it in your wallet your earn passive income from everyone doing any transaction on FEG…. 😀. Each transaction on FEG is taxed 2%, 1% is burned to a black hole the other 1% is distributed among the holders of Feg According to the amount that each person holding… This happens Automatically all you need to do is buy the token and hold it in your wallet….

Do you know what I love about the token 🔥 🔥 the burning doesn’t stop at any level… So FEG token will keep burning 🔥 until every single token is burned… Which means this will become more scarce and scarcity means more price appreciation.

Now Keep visiting dextools so we can trend #1 just like yesterday let’s keep that same energy….


This token is just 4 days old and see what we have achieved already… We can do even more.

Here is my advice for you!!!

Buy more FEG it’s not late until we hit $0.04 for 1 FEG

It’s a deflationary token there is no late Comer it will only take time then you will 10x you money. Strong hands win in this case.

To follow all the burning activities happening on Blockchain click on link below 👇. Everything is transparent code verified no rug pulls. 53.5% of FEG token has been burned now imagine what will happen when we have burned 80% Just imagine… So don’t panic don’t fear whether they are buying or selling you are getting paid as long as you holding the token in your wallet. It’s a win win for everyone. $FEG for life


Website: www.fegtoken.com

Chartex: https://chartex.pro/?symbol=UNISWAP%3AFEG&interval=720&theme=Dark

Uniswap Buylink: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?outputCurrency=0x389999216860AB8E0175387A0c90E5c52522C945

1INCH Buylink: https://1inch.exchange/#/FEG/WETH


Due to high demand, we decided to list on Binance smart chain, this also fits into the scope of FEGswap being on both networks. We stealth launched the same as when we did FEG on ETH to make it as fair as we could.

Here are the important links:



Pancakeswap info:

All token metrics are exactly the same.
2% Fee
50% Sent to blackhole

Starting pancakeswap liquidity was 10BNB/50Q FEG

We already applied for a Cake pool to help maximize the use case instantly.

Uniforth $UNIF

Welcome to Uniforth $UNIF if you just are joining us!

We have a ton of news upcoming so stay tuned for our medium articles as we start to introduce elements to our full Elastic Exchange Index Ecosystem, and to keep up to date with all the incentives we have in store for our community. We are in this for the long haul and cannot wait to share the full roadmap with you all.

More info about elastic supply mechanism – https://defiprime.com/elastic

🦄The Uniswap Market Ecosystem index – Uniforth [$UNIF]🦄

Uniforth.org is a crypto asset pegged to the total uniswap liquidity in the uniswap ecosystem. By holding Uniforth [$UNIF], holders get exposure to the performance of the whole uniswap market and also dividends from every buy/sell/transaction from the Uniforth markets. The dividends are awarded by the smart contract and are immediately reflected in the holders balance, you don’t need to stake/deposit into anything.
– [$UNIF] rebase is pegged to total Uniswap liquidity = 0.18
– [$UNIF] Dividends is based off the total Uniswap pairs/pools 2.6% increasing as more Uniswap pairs/pools are made in the overall uniswap ecosystem.
🦄Uniforth details
Telegram – t.me/Uniforthchat
Twitter – twitter.com/Uniforth
Website – uniforth.org
Etherscan – etherscan.io/address/0x665a6b80208a1f8eccb1ecb6d0271dde910c9ef1#code

Official Uniforth $UNIF links –

DEXT: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0xcfa6906e0c54e7d88bce9acfd3a8b599ba540dfa

Uni : https://uniswap.exchange/swap/0x665A6b80208a1F8EcCB1ecb6d0271dDe910c9EF1

Liquidity is locked (PROOF): https://v2.unicrypt.network/pair/0xcfa6906e0c54E7D88bCE9aCfd3a8B599ba540DFa

Proof of burn: https://etherscan.io/tx/0x3ae46b1052cfe39049f7e2a4f6e4d78f4c689566b67001b4ebc6fc6c924e19f5

Team tokens locked: https://team.finance/view-coin/0x665A6b80208a1F8EcCB1ecb6d0271dDe910c9EF1?name=Uniforth&symbol=UNIF

Dashboard – uniforth.org/#/dashboard


Still less than 100 wallets

No presale, No whitelist
Fair launch – Dev has added own starting liquidity of 2 ETH
Low liquidity – will ignite and moon HARD

Holders rewarded with frictionless yield generation 3% back in wallets, depleting 3% supply AND a price increase incentive.


Initial Listing Pool: 8,000,000
Early Adopters: 500,000 – Already distributed
Listing/Marketing: 500,000
Price Incentives: 500,000

PRICE MOVE INCENTIVE: Each time price moves up, dev burns more tokens:
100K Burn: $0.001
100K Burn: $0.002
100k Burn: $0.004
100k Burn: $0.008
100k Burn: $0.016

Slippage 8-9% while buying
UNISWAP: https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0xde9d41a01bb11a9f41e709242824e54c3917084e

DEX: https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0x52307700a5f862d7c474d555fa3550d0dd9cb9eb

Liquidity Locked: https://etherscan.io/tx/0xb2572bb2c0f950b420d35c29d2d92d6303cffd19a9aa878031db2cbdd8636b9e

Website Coming Soon
Coingecko – Application Soon


Union Capital (UnicV2)

🌍 Welcome to Union Capital 🌍

Union Capital seeks to disrupt the remittance industry by providing users with a user friendly application and reward system to be able to send money globally from any smart device or computer. No blockchain knowledge is required and users can avoid lines and waiting at the counter to easily send and receive money world wide.

Get paid in Ethereum for holding Union Capital tokens and send money in seconds with lower fees. Union Capital use blockchain rewards to incentivize network growth while providing a service that streamlines the remittance experience by using the largest existing networks in the world.

We are currently in private beta and have received approval for our application in 18 countries with expansion coming following significant penetration testing and localized trials.

Our team are remittance experts who have worked in senior positions in the largest remittance providers in the world. We are currently based in Paris France. For more details, please take the time to familiarize yourself with our links below.

🔥 Beware of fake listings on Uniswap. Always verify the contract address first 🔥

➡️ https://app.uniswap.org/#/swap?inputCurrency=0x8d587a2386b9ea792a4c6e1744199349db3bc269

➡️ 0x8d587a2386b9ea792a4c6e1744199349db3bc269

➡️ https://www.dextools.io/app/uniswap/pair-explorer/0xfa51202d3894f6498a538dcdff32205cbde17010

Liquidty Lock


⚜️About Union Capital (unicv2)⚜️

Find Us On The Web
➡️ https://unioncapital.io/

Presale Page

Our Telegram Announcement Channel
➡️ https://t.me/Unioncapitalannounce

Find us on Twitter
➡️ https://twitter.com/unioncapital_io

Our Medium
➡️ https://medium.com/@unioncapital

Community directed price channel
➡️ @UnionCapitalPriceChat

We have been audited by Certik. You can view that audit by visiting our website.

⚜️ Some basic guidelines ⚜️

Zero price discussion is permitted in the chat. The community is welcome to create their own channel if they so wish but we cannot allow it here for regulatory reasons as advised by our legal team.

Ask questions and feel free to dig into what we’re doing but be polite and considerate. No discrimination or abuse of any kind will be tolerated to either admins nor any other members. Please be respectful. Welcome to our community. We’re glad to have you here.