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Try finance has been being developed since 10/2020 and has more features than most other DEFI token’s on the market, here is a summary of built in features that TRY token offers:

* We added a brand new feature never seen before in any DEFI token, a tx reward pool, 1% of all transactions are given to the reward pool and are awarded to the sender of every 25th transaction.
* We added a deflationary burn fee of 1% on every tx which is automatically sent directly to the burn address upon every transfer, this feature will ensure a truly deflationary model.
* We wanted to discourage token dumping so we added a 5% antiDumpFee to all TRY sold on UNIswap. This fee is distributed to all TRYstake users when buyback feature is performed.
* Previous rebalance liquidity models used a liquidity divisor as a liquidity reward, however that process made the rebalance feature not as effective since it had to rebalance its own rewards.
* To help replace the removal of awarding liquidity providers via the Buyback function we will allow LP tokens to farm TRY tokens directly on TRYfarm.
* We coded this contract to have the ability to add funds into TRYstake so it can directly be its own UNIswap sell fee rewards distributor. The staking rewards distribution is called every time a user performs the rebalance liquidity function. The rebalance function still burns TRY that it purchases with the rebalance increasing the effectiveness of the deflationary model.
* When Buyback function is called the caller gets a 4% reward of the buyback TRY amount and 96% of the buyback TRY amount gets sent directly to the burn address.
* We coded the buyback function to work on 2 hour intervals and set the rate to 1%, we also added the ability for this contract to add 20 seconds to the buyback interval on each use of the buyback function. This will help ensure that the buyback feature cannot be manipulated and insure maximum life expectancy of the feature.

* Once TRY contract creates the UNIswap pair the LP tokens that are sent back are unable to be removed, there is no withdrawal code for these LP tokens this locked them for their intended purpose forever.

* We added the ability to add and remove blacklist addresses, this will help insure that we can properly fight hackers and malicious intents on TRY token’s economy.
* We added createUNISwapPair function that will ensure ETH collected for liquidity can only be used for that one specific purpose, TRY presale contract automatically sends ETH liquidity to this contract.
* We are sure that TRY will be the most successful project to ever use a rebalancer style feature, TRYstake will ensure TRY tokens are happy earning in the staking contracts and not on the market to lower the price. UNIswap sell fees will discourage selling, while offering incentivized rewards for staking. TRYfarm will directly reward liquidity providers in replacement of the liquidity reward distribution on the previous model. The Tx Reward pool feature helps complete the package, TRY token has the most rewarding features of any DEFI token!

For more information please visit

Our token contract code has already been audited and passed with flying colors. To view the audit please look here

100,000 TRY – Total Supply

TRY Finance also on BSC Chain

We have added liquidity to Pancake, we tried to match the price of to that of the pool price on TRY site. We had to supply the liquidity out of our own pockets, feel free to add liquidity to the pair as well.

Keep in mind there will not be any rewards from the pancake pair, just trading. We do plan to rebuild the BSC side so all swaps listed with TRY can have reward systems working.

In the mean time we removed the swap link from the menu on the site, you can use pancake for now. We will activate it again at a later date.

Here is the link to Pancake Pair:


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