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ViralClick is the first ever Decentralized Digital advertising Network for Blockchain projects, we create unique opportunities to market Blockchain products on social media using publishers, influencers and display network; run as a decentralized autonomous organization (DAO) through the VCN governance token; the ViralClick network is here to revolutionize Blockchain marketing campaigns, below are key features to expect in our unique offering:

✅Simplified marketing tool for Blockchain projects — we know how difficult and time consuming it takes to market blockchain products, and we have made it a few clicks away from success.

✅Gateway for publication of press releases — Blockchain developers don’t need to contact every publisher for press releases, we make all the contact according to your budget.

✅Transparent campaign reporting — user-friendly campaign reporting to track campaign impressions, click-through rate, opt-ins, and the likes.

✅Residual income for publishers and social media users — publishers and social media posters make a steady income for participating in advertising campaigns.

The VCN platform is your one-stop shop for getting your blockchain projects to the right audience. Our media partners allow discounts on campaigns from our system, which will prove cost-effective for advertisers.

Transparency in reporting campaign statistics build trust with publishers and advertisers. It is now much easier to publish your press releases on our partner websites with just a few clicks on our system.

ViralClick Network presale will take place on ( liquidity lock aunction; the Locked Liquidity Pool is an improvement of the existing Bounce auctions, where once an auction is finished, a smart contract will automatically create a locked liquidity pool on a DEX (such as Uniswap, Sushiswap or 1inch) and provide liquidity using funds raised in the auction according to pool creator’s specification, in our case we are specifying 50% of raised funds to be locked for one year.

$VCN Token public sale is now LIVE on

Visit to buy!

🔥Token distribution

✅Token Symbol: VCN
✅Token name: ViralClick Network
✅No private sales
✅No VCs
✅No team tokens (Buy back on Uniswap after listing, there after locked for 1yr)
✅Hard cap: 1,800 Ether
✅900 Ether or 50% raised fund locked in liquidity
✅Uniswap listing immediately after public sales

🔥Token sales opens on January 18, 2021 05:00AM UTC

🔥Liquidity lock & Uniswap listing automatic by smart contract


✅Total supply: 4.000.000
✅Tokens for sale: 3.300.000
✅Initial liquidity: 700.000
✅Public sale: 1Ether = 1800VCN
✅Uniswap listing price: 1Ether = 1300VCN
✅Unsold: Locked for 1yr


✅Admin & Ops: 13%
✅Legal & Advisory 7%
✅Marketing & Sales 20%
✅Business Dev 10%
✅Locked Liquidity 50%

Token address:

🔥Why should you invest in Viral Click Network?

✅Viral Click Network shares 60% of all advertising revenue profits back to the community, we buy back VCN tokens with the fund and airdrop to active community members.

✅ 20% of the profits go to buy back VCN tokens on Uniswap and sent to a burn address, making VCN a deflationary token.

✅20% of the advertising revenue go to the Viral Click Network team

✅Viral Click Network is a community driven project and the VCN is the governance token for the future direction of the business — all token holders can vote for key decisions in the network.

🔥Important links:

(✅Telegram Announcement channel
(✅Medium (


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