What is Future Contracts On Binance (Part-2)


Future Contracts On Binance

Getting back to the menu bar derivatives here we have two kinds of contracts to select USD M futures which are actually usdt margin futures and we have leveraged up to 125 for them in these kinds of futures stable coins like usdt are used as collateral, so you must have stable coins available for trading and your profit and loss is based on stable coin. And coin and futures that actually coin margin futures they can be with or without expiry date and here also we have leverage up to 125. Pay attention that here the base assets the coin is used as collateral and you must have for example bitcoin available to trade and your profit and loss is in terms of the bitcoin we can also change between these two inside the trading platform. let’s select USD M futures and therein the trading platform I’ll fully explain the difference between these kinds of futures here we go we are on Binance futures trading platform now before I start explaining the contracts and how to place buy or sell orders.

Environment Of The Futures Trading Platform

let’s take a look at the environment of the trading platform and see what we have the general structure of future trading platform is similar to spot trading platform. Let’s explore different parts of the platform very quickly here’s the price chart this is a candlestick chart and you can switch between different time frames here and if you click on time you’ll have line chart. let’s get back to candlestick chart hereby the help of this button you can select your favorite time frames to be shown here by the help of this button you can add indicators or other market information to the chart for example let’s add volume and here it is and this button if selected your positions will be shown on the chart here you have different tools for trading here, for example, you can add different lines as you can see and here some tools for analyzing the chart like Fibonacci retracement and here brush or some shapes text ruler and other stuff that can be helpful for trading. This chart is from trading view we have also the original one which is from binance but not so many tools and the indicators are also limited as you can see the chart that is from trading view is a better option this is the order book if you don’t know what order book is. When you place an order to buy or sell you will actually buy or sell from anorder that is on the order book and if the order doesn’t exist in other words if no one is buying or selling at the price that you placed your order so your order remains in this order book until someone buys or sells at your price actually. These are pending orders you see here in the order book section and hereby the help of this button you can have a larger list of only pending buying orders or pending selling orders as you can see and the most recent completed orders are shown here in the trades section so here these are the most recent trades that are successfully completed. We can also have a graphical representation of the order book hereby selecting this tab it’s actually acumulative graph the left side shows pending buying orders and the right side shows pending selling orders alright let’s get back to the price chart and here the right side of the window is where we trade and place our orders and we manage the positions open orders transactions and other stuff related to trading here in the bottom of the chart in the top right you can see we have a setting button. Here you can switch between light mode and dark mode. Here you can change the red and green colors into traditional or fresh and here you can change the layout the pro layout is already selected and i just explained it in pro layout you can customize these parts for example you can turn off what ever you don’t need let’s turn off order book and trades and you can drag these windows or resize them as you can see and you can simply go back to the default setting by clicking on back to the default layout we have also another layout which is full screen it’s similar to pro but the only difference is that here the buy and sell are in separate sections and order book and trades appear above that and with this layout we don’t have any ability to customize the layout we continue with pro layout in this video. Here we have another option which is multiple charts and by the help of this we can have different charts on the screen, for example, let’s select four charts and here we go four charts on the screen and you can analyze the price chart of four different coins at the same time this can be useful for trading when you need to monitor different coins.


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